NYC: Caffe Vita & Via Tribunali

Calling all coffee connoisseurs! We stumbled upon a little piece of coffee heaven while we were in “the” city last week.          

There’s a tiny little place roasting and brewing quality beans in the Lower East Side on Ludlow (between Delancey and Houston) that you simply cannot miss. Caffe Vita.

This Seattle-based company crossed the country to set up shop and opened their doors just one week ago. We strolled in on Thursday after catching glimpses of what appeared to be happy New Yorkers carrying cups of good looking coffee down the street.

I thought I was going in for a cup of coffee, but really — and Dave would agree — this may have been the best espresso of my LIFE. Skeptisch? Go taste for yourself.

You’ll find Kelsey there, working some serious coffee magic along with the other artists/chemists on the Caffe Vita team.

Then you’ll need to go next door to Via Tribunali to get a taste of Napoli for lunch or dinner. We didn’t get the chance to have dinner, but we swung by the next night for a glass of wine and some incredible buffalo mozzarela (imported weekly from bella Italia) wreathed with freshly sliced proscuitto.

Many thanks to Dejha and the Via Tribunali staff who took great care of us. We’ll be back!

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10 Responses to NYC: Caffe Vita & Via Tribunali

  1. Emily says:

    Wow! Now that’s what I call a latte!!! Beautiful!!!

  2. You really loved their coffee didn’t you?! It’s great when something simple is done really well.

  3. MB says:

    oh lovely! I can just smell it from here! Thanks so much for the tip!

  4. rita says:

    Looks like a really cool place. I can almost smell the coffee!

  5. Stephanie says:

    Emily- it IS beautiful, isn’t it?
    Sally- yes, indeed! I’ve had a lot of good coffee, but this was truly something…
    MB & Rita- there’s nothing like the aroma of seriously good beans. Mmmmm.

  6. Tío says:

    I’m into this.

  7. Stephanie says:

    Tio- Yes… yes, you sure are ;-)!

  8. Heather says:

    Ah one of the things I miss most about Seattle – Caffe Vita! Can’t wait to stop by!

  9. We recently ordered pizza from Via Tribunali on Ludlow Street.The Capricciosa was topped with mushrooms,onions,olives,artichoke and proscuitto.The crust was just right and wasn’t overdone.We are looking forward to ordering from them again!

  10. Stephanie says:

    Heather & Frances- jealous of your proximity ;-). Please do go and continue to enjoy for us! I’m certainly looking forward to my next visit…

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