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Mama Rita’s Brownies

These brownies are so decadent and delicious. I had a hard time just naming them “Mama Rita’s Brownies” because they sort of need a name like Mama Rita’s Off-The-Charts Brownies, or Mama Rita’s Crack Brownies or Mama Rita’s Talk-to-Me Brownies… … Continue reading

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Colorado Peach Galette

It has been SO long. The last four months have been filled with some amazing travel, very special time with family and dear friends, and the food. . . Oh the food. So much to tell. I also discovered that … Continue reading

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Grandma Salazar’s Tamales

To say that tamales are a “favorite” of mine is sort of putting it mildly. That said, I have yet to try a tamal┬áthat rivals┬ámy Grandma Salazar’s. And right now I am jubilant because my mom, my sister Megan, my … Continue reading

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