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Chipotle Carnitas Tacos

“Mama Rita” just recently had a “big” birthday, the kind that requires a proper celebration. She’s loved by many, and widely known in our city for her art. Those closest to her know her amazing strength — you want her … Continue reading

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Banana Chocolate Pecan Muffins

This is what happens when you take my Grandma Salazar’s banana bread recipe, and start fiddling… Adding chocolate and nuts to banana bread isn’t cutting edge, but adding them to this particular banana bread is divine. We had only been … Continue reading

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Mama Rita’s Brownies

These brownies are so decadent and delicious. I had a hard time just naming them “Mama Rita’s Brownies” because they sort of need a name like Mama Rita’s Off-The-Charts Brownies, or Mama Rita’s Crack Brownies or Mama Rita’s Talk-to-Me Brownies… … Continue reading

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