Food, wine and art. Our triangle. I began blogging about them because I needed a place to channel all of my food photography and musings on art and travel, along with the need for a place to keep the recipes I love.


I’ve always loved to cook. My love of cooking I owe to my mom who provided me with a childhood full of delicious homemade food. She even let my sister, Emily, and I “create” our own recipes in her kitchen. We broke a lot of dishes and made many inedible things, but a fear of cooking is something I never experienced thanks to that early initiation in the kitchen. I learned so much more about food during my college years by studying in San José, Costa Rica; Oaxaca, Mexico; and Rome, Italy. I worked in sales for a publishing house in my early twenties and traveled all over the USA enjoying new food experiences all along the way. Table for one overlooking the San Francisco Bay? Yes, please. Pulling over beside an apple orchard in northern Washington for a hot apple cider in the pouring rain, just part of the job. Fried catfish and hushpuppies at the base of the Great Smoky Mountains in Tennessee, washed down with sweet tea was “foreign” and wondrous to me. Eating as much fish from the Atlantic every chance I had along the Floridian coastline was always on my “to do” list. So, it was no accident that I married Dave, my Renaissance Man.


Dave loves to cook and travel and after college in California, he spent part of his twenties living and working as an English teacher in Zimbabwe, from there he went on to law school in North Carolina, then over to Germany for a professional fellowship, then to Colorado to begin practicing but his work kept him hopping the Atlantic “pond.” He has fantastic “accents” which are a huge source of entertainment and annoyance to me. And he has great stories of his many food adventures along the way. We met, we married, and moved to Munich which was a fairytale beginning full of good food and dear friends and wine and travel for the record books. A decade ago, we returned to Colorado and had two little princesses who delight us daily. Four years ago we became partners with four other couples in Proper Wines. We have thoroughly enjoyed learning the details of the wine business and we love having the opportunity to be a part of such a unique part of wine country in Washington.

We both have a love for art… Dave is more of a Cézanne guy, and I’ll never get over Caravaggio and his light. We have been so privileged to enjoy art collections all around the USA and Europe. Also, my mom is a professional artist who spends her days up to her nose in oil paints and canvas and is a huge source of inspiration to me. I am determined to make more time to paint with her and learn from her, merely because nothing compares to doing what you love.

We hope the inspiration is contagious! Please know we always welcome your comments and responses to our obsessions.

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