Truffles “Nocciola”

Maybe it’s my new year’s resolution to eat healthy that’s causing the deviance (ahem- that means, dessert is no longer a snack food), but lately I’m sort of just looking for an excuse to make truffles. I was biding my time until Valentine’s Day, but just recently, some friends asked if I would teach them how to properly make risotto and they would plan a dinner party around it. When I think of risotto, I think of the Sagre in Asti, Italy, that Dave and I enjoyed so many years ago, and the Barolo Risotto we were served with shaved Parmegiano scattered over the top. Just delicious. So, I recommended we take a Piemontese route for our menu, and a lovely evening was born! Continue reading

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Coconut Curry Butternut Squash Soup

The story of this soup all began in Walla Walla, Washington, back in November. We were there for Fall Release Weekend “representing” for Proper Wines, and giving a group of friends the insider’s scoop on the winery. It was a fabulous trip. Walla Walla couldn’t have been more charming, the wines being made there are making this region famous, and the food was just flat-out memorable. We had some delicious meals at Whitehouse Crawford, T. Maccarone’s and Saffron Mediterranean Kitchen. But the place we kept hopping into for a quick snack, or a coffee (complete with beautiful pastries), or lunch was a place called Olive Market & Café. A totally casual place that realizes that freshly made pizzas, homemade soups, charcuterie and bountiful salads are what good food is all about and not forgetting to offer a nice glass of Riesling or a elegant Syrah. And it was here at Olive where we tried their Coconut Curry Butternut Squash Soup. Simply put, this is a soup to crave. Continue reading

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Winter Minestrone

Where we live in Colorado, it’s about to be FREEZING. I love cold days if I get to stay inside by the fire, spend the day baking or making stews of some kind, and if we manage to score a “late start” or, even better, a “snow day” from school then the cold day has been made perfect! So, for all my friends and family who are looking for something so delicious to make for dinner on these frosty nights, here’s something hearty and simple. A favorite at our house. Serves about 4-6.     Continue reading

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