Discovering Rosé Sangría

As summer fades each year, we like to look back on all the rosés we sampled during the season and choose a Rosé of the Year.  This year, however, our favorite rosé experience was not a particular bottle — it was discovering and making rosé sangría.  Talk about a crowd pleaser!  

We are sangría fans to begin with and for family gatherings or other parties have become partial to Cruz Garcia Real Sangría (Red) from Spain.  But red wine — even sangría — is not quite the thing for the summer season, and hence the rising popularity in the US of dry rosé, which is a summertime staple anywhere in the Med. 

Looking for something refreshing to serve at a fish taco fest back in June, I found inspiration from celebrity chef Emeril Lagasse (and am big enough to admit it).  This is not a recipe to be followed strictly — what you need is fresh citrus juice, simple syrup, sparkling water (which adds some nice zest but isn’t crucial) and a bottle of DRY rosé.  There should be $12 bottles of rosé galore at your local wine store, and if in doubt as to whether it will be dry, just get something French.  Mix and enjoy.  Salud!


Rosé Sangría

Recipe by Emeril Lagasse, adapted by David P. Kunstle


  • 1 bottle chilled dry rosé
  • 4 medium to large oranges
  • a couple of limes
  • one large lemon or a couple of small ones
  • simple syrup to taste (mix 1/3 c. sugar — I’m spoiled with fine granulated baker’s sugar in our pantry which dissolves beautifully, but standard sugar will work just fine too — into 1/3 c. of hot water until dissolved)
  • 1/3 bottle (250 ml) chilled San Pellegrino or other sparkling water


  1. Juice oranges, limes and lemons and pour into serving pitcher.  
  2. Add bottle of rosé (and, if you like, 1/3 large bottle of sparkling water). 
  3. Add simple syrup to taste (sometimes I use the entire 1/3 cup, sometimes less, depending on the sweetness of the fruit juice). 
  4. Serve in wine goblets over ice and garnish with orange, lemon and/or lime slices and a sprig of mint.
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5 Responses to Discovering Rosé Sangría

  1. Gina says:

    Oh Stephanie – your photos are a feast for the eyes….and your sangria recipe inspires me!

  2. Tío says:

    yes please. (exceptional photography!!!)

  3. Our outside barbecue weather is about to arrive – this will be perfect. Lovely, lovely.

  4. rita says:

    Nice. When I look at your last two photos, I feel a cool breeze. Emeril has some pretty good tricks up his sleeve and Dave you portrayed his idea well.

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