Grandma Salazar’s Tamales

To say that tamales are a “favorite” of mine is sort of putting it mildly. That said, I have yet to try a tamal that rivals my Grandma Salazar’s. And right now I am jubilant because my mom, my sister Megan, my daughter Sofia and I made over six dozen tamales today.

To read all about Grandma and her famous tamales, check out my dear friend Nicky’s blog, appropriately named: Delicious Days. Over four years ago, Nicky kindly asked me to share our family recipe, and she and her boyfriend Oliver did an amazing job of photographing step-by-step instructions and now the tutorial is there — forever documented so you can make them too. Anyone feeling adventurous?

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7 Responses to Grandma Salazar’s Tamales

  1. Tio says:


  2. rita says:

    Taking time out to do this was worth it! This is such a wonderful tradition that I’m glad we’ve kept going!

  3. Susan Willis says:

    Love Tamales – Thanks so much for sharing!

  4. MB says:

    Thank you so much for sharing these tradition! Johan and I cannot wait to try these out on our own!

  5. Donna Ushkow says:

    The recipe for GRANDMA SALAZAR’S TAMALES does not indicate what broth and/or quantity to use, although it does refer to adding broth and/or hot water in the “Preparation” instructions.


    Thank you

  6. Stephanie says:

    Hi Donna! You are right- the exact amount of broth (which you will make from slow cooking the meat/onion/etc) depends on how much masa you are using (how many tamales you hope to make). I like to make as much broth as I can fit into a large stock pot so I don’t run out. Then when you mix the broth into the masa, pour a little at a time, mixing well with your hands, until the masa is silky smooth and almost (but not quite) sticky. Hope that helps!

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